With built-in maneuverability, excellent visibility and low vibration levels in the cabin, AS350B3 has earned its reputation as a true multi-mission workhorse, becoming a common sight at heliports, hospital landing pads, police department operations centers and airports around the world. Flying experience with elegant cabin and has a flat floor that can be quickly and easily reconfigured for various missions, including aerial work, firefighting, rescue and passenger transport, as well as medical evacuation.

Technical Specifications

Aircraft category: Rotary Wing
Max. Altitude: 7010 m
Length: 12.94 m
Height: 3.14 m
Max. Take Off Weight: 2370 kg
Fuel burn: 155 liter/hour

Seat Capacity

349 nm
Max Range

140 kts
Cruise Speed

Flight Attendant


Hot Catering Optional

Cabin Dimensions

Height: 1.3 m
Width: 1.65 m
Length: 1.72 m