Maintenance Control Center

Job Title: Maintenance Control Center

Department: Technical

Reporting to: Maintenance Control Center Supervisor

Location: Within Indonesia

Principal Accountabilities:
  • Handle extensive maintenance related to aircraft and engine, including troubleshooting techniques
  • Provide formal or informal training related to aircraft system and maintenance
Professional Requirements:
  • Aviation Academy graduated or minimum Basic Aircraft Maintenance Course or equivalent
  • Has MD rating and experiences handling maintenance related to MD aircraft is a must
  • Extensive maintenance backgrounds for assigned aircraft types
  • Experience on assigned aircraft types e.g. :
    • Formal and informal aircraft system training
    • Actual maintenance experience on assigned aircraft and engine types, including troubleshooting techniques, and
    • Knowledge of MEL and CDL policies.
  • Adequate knowledge and understanding of criteria for maintenance release, Required Inspection Items, and maintenance deferral policies and procedures
  • Adequate knowledge of the aircraft type. The controller also requires in depth knowledge of each assigned aircraft’s system
  • Adequate knowledge of Airfast CMM, general company policies and procedures, and familiarity with commercial and flight operation practices
  • Meets the requirements of CASR 135.53 and 121.61
  • License required; Basic License A1, A4 or C1, C2, C4 and applicable Type Rating (preferably MD rating)
  • Leadership skills
  • Computer literate
Non Technical Requirements:
  • Willing to work in Tangerang
  • Willing to work in shift period

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