Airbus H125

The helicopters are currently in service worldwide, and are mainly used for high-performance missions in high and hot conditions. Airbus H125 can be easily reconfigured for various aerial work missions with a wide range of optional equipment, whatever the environment and the mission requirement. Missions include, medical evacuation, firefighting, power line inspection, crop spraying, news gathering, geological and wildlife survey, farming and fishing activities, as well as VVIP travels. Already the preferred choice of aerial work operators for its cost effectiveness, operational simplicity and superb performance, this type of helicopter brings enhanced aerial work capabilities with increased performance and visibility, facilitating pilot workload during external load operations.

Technical Specifications

Aircraft category: Rotary Wing
Max. Altitude: 7010 m
Length: 12.94 m
Height: 3.14 m
Max. Take Off Weight: 2370 kg
Fuel burn: 155 liter/hour

Seat Capacity

349 nm
Max Range

140 kts
Cruise Speed

Flight Attendant


Hot Catering Optional

Cabin Dimensions

Height: 1.3 m
Width: 1.65 m
Length: 1.72 m