Tell us your needs of flying with our twin engine aircraft DHC-6-300 series. We will provide you with safety, personalized service and convenience. The most successful variant of the DHC Twin Otter, impressive runway performance, non-pressurized, ideal for short flights and also available fly to/from remote, hard to reach locations; with these, we offer you passenger and cargo charter services. We will make flying more exciting and more accessible than ever before.

Technical Specifications

Aircraft category: Fixed wing
Max. Altitude: 7620 m
Wingspan: 19.8 m
Length: 15.77 m
Height: 5.94 m
Max. Take Off Weight: 5670 kg
Fuel burn: 320 liter/hour

Seat Capacity

1255 km
Max Range

338 km/h
Cruise Speed

Flight Attendant


Hot Catering Optional

Cabin Dimensions

Height: 150 cm
Width: 132 cm
Length: 561 cm
Luggage Compartment: 38 cu ft nose and 88 cu ft aft baggage