How do I request a quote or book a charter flight from Airfast Indonesia?

Please call our telephone number: 62-21-520-0696 for immediate assistance, or email us at: charter@airfastindonesia.com. Feel free to use our "Quote a Flight" page, to make a booking on our chartered flight.

Where do you fly?

Call or email us with your specific destination and we will gladly help.

What type of aircraft do you fly?

At Airfast Indonesia we have a range of different aircraft types - jet aircraft, fixed wing and rotary wing please visit our "Our Services" page.

What is an aircraft charter?

Chartering an aircraft means that you will exclusively charter an aircraft along with the crew and to fly wherever and whenever you wish to go.

How are Charter Airlines’ pilots and crew selected and trained?

We carefully review all flight crew with vast experience and keep up with the latest training at the highest level of professional services. All pilots must hold an Airline Transport Certificate, and attend initial and yearly training for our aircraft. Safety and quality services are of paramount importance to us.