MI 171

The Mi-171 medium multi purposes helicopter with versatility and high performance characteristics made it a popular helicopter for medium to heavy missions. It is one of the most successful, reliable and durable medium multifunctional helicopters that you can rely on in all latitudes, from freezing cold to the scorching heat. A large transport helicopter, up to 4 tons of cargo, rear ramp system, large side sliding cargo door, external sling load capability, suitable for many types of transportation missions.

Technical Specifications

Aircraft category: Rotary Wing
Max. Altitude: 6096 m
Length: 18,465 m
Height: 5,65 m
Max. Take Off Weight: 13000 kg

Seat Capacity

580 km
Max Range

230 km
Cruise Speed

Flight Attendant


Hot Catering Optional

Cabin Dimensions

Height: 1,32 m
Width: 2,34 m
Length: 5,34 m