SMSPro Portal

AIRFAST Indonesia manages safety data base by using an online web portal application called “SMSPro”.

The SMSPro has been up and running since 2012, starting with limited modules as a test projects in implementing a more robust safety database. The system has grown to support not only hazard identification, but also safety assurance and safety promotion features. The system has been customized to have a Personal Safety Dashboard feature that enables all employee’ access to present and past safety newsletters, track their own involvement in the Company's efforts to boost the safety culture by way of their personal SMS dashboard score.

All operational hazardous situation in all locations the Company operates through the SMSPro. The system allows staff to submit voluntary hazard reports, mandatory report as well as confidential reports from anywhere they have access to the portal. The operational safety reporting system that is implemented throughout the organization in a manner that:

  1. Encourages and facilitates personnel to submit reports that identify safety hazards, expose safety deficiencies and raise safety concerns
  2. Provide mandatory reporting in accordance with applicable regulations
  3. Includes analysis and management action as necessary to address safety issues identified through the reporting system

The safety reports are then risk assessed and assigned to the person who is authorized and has the responsibility to address the hazard. The system relies on all front line personnel to participate in hazard identification and reporting. Outputs of safety data analysis accommodate safety trend, incident rate and recommendation compiled on Safety Performance Report disseminate / delivered to senior management and unit concern.