DHC-6-300 (Amphibious)

One of our goals is to support tourism and bring you to private islands in our archipelago. Our Amphibious aircraft will allow you to take off and land almost anywhere safely. No arrival to an island is as exciting as via our seaplane.

Technical Specifications

Aircraft category: Fixed wing
Max. Altitude: 7620 m
Wingspan: 19.8 m
Length: 15.77 m
Height: 5.94 m
Max. Take Off Weight: 5670 kg
Fuel burn: 320 liter/hour

Seat Capacity

1255 km
Max Range

338 km/h
Cruise Speed

Flight Attendant


Hot Catering Optional

Cabin Dimensions

Height: 150 cm
Width: 132 cm
Length: 561 cm
Luggage Compartment: 38 cu ft nose and 88 cu ft aft baggage