Bell-412 Helicopter Engineer

Job Title: Bell-412 Helicopter Engineer

Department: OPERATIONS


Location: Within Indonesia

Principal Accountabilities:
    • Provides safe & efficient technical services on the Company’s fleet for each charter assignment (Bell 412 Series Helicopter)
    • Work closely with Flight Operations & other Engineers to assess, monitor & providing feedback during trouble shooting, engine faults repair to obtain optimum engine performance
    • Controlling technical documentation and record
    • Controlling and ensures spareparts, tools, equipment and facilities adheres to the standard safety operation
    • Controlling validity of personal license, medical, etc
Professional Requirements:
    • Aviation school
    • Holds Basic Licenses (A1, A2 & A4)
    • Holds DGAC LAME B-412 type rating
    • Minimum 10 years aircraft maintenance experience and 5 years on type
    • Demonstrated ability to operate rotor balancing equipment
    • Thorough understanding of B-412 helicopter systems
    • Good computer literate
    • Good understanding spoken & written English
    • Thorough knowledge of DGCA CASR
Non Technical Requirements:
    • A Team Player
    • Manage Relationship & Diversity
    • Ability to troubleshoot and work alone
    • Factory training applicable to B-412
    • Previous experience in maintenance planning of resources
    • Passed Medical Health Test
    • Passed Blind Color Test

To express your interest in join this exciting team, please forward a covering letter and resume to: